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Absolutely new game.

It is possible to play both with a computer and with other player.

It has several levels.

Game rules.
The sense  of game is in collecting more glasses than your opponent.
Courses are done one by one.
The first player does a course on a horizontal line, numbers which he can choose are allocated.
In that column in which he has chosen number, his opponent does a course. Game proceeds until one of the players will have nothing to choose in the line (column).
In the top left and right parts of the screen the number of glasses of the players is summarized.
In the top in the center of  the screen the difference pays off and it is underlined with color, in whose advantage it is.
The name of the player which does a course flickers.
In a game with a computer:
When the player wins, he opens the following picture of the unit.
When it is drawn game the player stays in the same picture.
When he loses he turns back to a previous picture.
Having reached last picture of the unit, the player, even if he loses, does not turn back to a previous picture.
Trial version- 2,42 Mb
Buy full version - 2,82 Mb

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